United States Fight League
Pankration, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts

Judge Licensing

USFL licensed Judges are used to score bouts in dual meets.
USFL's open & transparent scoring system requires all judges utilize a standard scoring criteria.

All USFL Certified Referees are also qualified to Judge bouts.

The following is required to become a licensed Pankration Judge:

1. Download and study the attached Judges Manual:
This manual details scoring criteria protocols necessary to be an effective Pankration judge. 

2. Complete a Judges written exam with a minimum score of 90%:
Questions are based off the judges manual. 
Email jon@fightleague.org for authorization code.

3. Complete Additional Coaches Training Requirements - This will be mandatory by Jan 2107 
CDC Online Concussion Course (Takes approximately 40 minutes to complete) 
Save certificate and email to jon@fightleague.org (This will become mandatory in other organizations so save certificate)

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