United States Fight League
Pankration, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts




Win = 3 points Win via submission = 6 points  / 
Draw = 2 points / 1 point for stepping up to fight

Athletes can only represent one team for team rankings
2 point team penalty for each athlete who misses weight by more than 1 pound
Teams/ Athletes without a licensed coach on record will be listed as unattached

                                                                                                                         AS OF 7/22/2017


1. Riverside Submission - 173
2. Adrenaline MMA - 36
3. House of Moons - 35
4. Grappler's Studio - 29
Strength and Honor - 28
6. Kihon MMA - 25
7. Tony's MMA - 19
7. MMA Academy - 19
8. American Striker MMA - 15
8. Team Black - 15
8. Millennia MMA - 15
9. The Pit North - 13
10. Glendale Fight Club - 12
10. Submission Factory - 12
10. Alliance MMA - 11
UFC Corona - 10
Team Quest Temecula- 9 
Peterson's Grapplers - 9 
El Nino Training Center - 6 
Cesar Gracie - 6 
CSW - 6
9th Isle BJJ - 5
Gremlin's Kids - 4 
Castro MMA - 4 
Undisputed MMA - 5
Fight Academy Pasadena - 4 

Llamas Competition Team - 3

Power MMA - 3
Fight Syndicate - 3
A - Team - 3
Easton Training Center - 3
99 Wildomar - 3
Neutral Grounds - 3
One on One Fight Team- 2
Team 3 Checkmat - 2
Predition MMA - 2
Klingshiem Trained - 2 
Peason's Combat Jiujitsu - 1
Evolution MMA - 1 
ZMATA/ Berkerly Muay Thai - 1 
10th Planet Corona - 1 
Red Wolf - 1
Gracie Humaita Temecula - 7
Oakdale MMA - 1 
Gracie Barra Fullerton - 1
MMA Barn - 1 
Unattached -15 (Fighters without licensed coach at time of bout) 


2016/ 2017 INDIVIDUAL RANKINGS (# of Fights from 2011 to present. Does not include tournaments)

Based on head to head wins. Licensed athletes without a bout are at bottom regardless of experienced.
Email jon@fightleague.org to notify of corrections. 

Rookies 8-9 yrs 

Kavi Garvey (Grappler's Studio) 3 fights
Max Murillo (Riverside Submission) 5 fights
Mario Lorenzo (Little Bulldogs) 3 fights
Anthony Armendariz (MMA Academy) 1 fight
Urijah Fear (House of Moons) 1 fight
Destiny Huitron (MMA Academy) 1 fight

Travis Boyles (Evolution MMA) 1 fight 
Logan Barba (Grappler's Studio) 1 fight 
Paulina Hernandez (Riverside Submission) 1 fight

Joshua Pardo (Riverside Submission) 4 fights 
C.J. Marx (House of Moons/ Carnage MMA) 3 fights
Dani Wilson (Gracie Barra Fullerton) 2 fights
Demetri Molina (Millennia MMA) 1 fight
Issac Faltas (Grappler's Studio) 1 fight
Anthony Tzul (MMA Academy) 1 fight

Christian Echeveria (MMA Academy) 1 fight 
Kylor Easton (Pearson's Combat Jiu Jitsu) 2 fights
Duece Kellogg (House of Moons/ Carnage) 1 fight 
Kane Smith (Kihon MMA) 5 fights
Maleah Ann Ibarra (Kihnon MMA) 2 fight
Audrina Felix (Adrenaline MMA) 3 fights
Marcos Solis (MMA Academy) 1 fight  
Isabella Forero (Riverside Submission) 1 fight

Koda Bivins (House of Moons/ Carnage MMA) 3 fights
Henry Pearson (Pearson's Combat Jiu Jitsu) 1 fight

Novice 10-11 yrs

Ricardo Armendariz (MMA Academy) 1 fight

Carson Sundberg (Oakdale MMA) 2 fights
Karter Crosby (Stonecoast BJJ) 1 fight
Gavin Mitchell (Alliance MMA) 2 fights
Monee Cordero (Tony's MMA) 2 fights
Mathew Agabin (9th Isle BJJ) 2 fights
Lorenzo Rodriguez (American Striker MMA) 1 fight
Sophia Campos (House of Moons/ Carnage) 1 fight 

Angel Lugo (UFC Corona) 2 fights
Justus Stewart (Adrenaline MMA) 2 fights 
Jeremy Dray (Riverside Submission) 1 fight 
Carlos Ochoa (Gremlin's Kids) 1 fight 
Loren Carlson (Kihon MMA) 1 fight 


Andrew Guzman (9th Isle BJJ) 3 fights
Delton Kaufman (Power MMA) 1 fight 
Daniel Arellano (House of Moons) 6 fights
Louie Miranda (Adrenaline MMA) 5 fights
Stevie Davenport (Klingshiem Trained) 2 fights 
Jacob Rivera (Fight Syndicate) 1 fight 
Harley Patterson (House of Moons/ Carnage) 1 fight  
Gabriel Fernandez (Alliance MMA) 1 fight 

Remy Murrillo (Riverside Submission) 5 fights
Koda Bivins (House of Moons/ Carnage) ???????????????????
Adrian Lorenzana (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight

Mason Bramlette (Riverside Submission) 12 fights 
Manuel Guiterrez (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight
Alex Moreno (Riverside Submission) 1 fight

Nathaniel Martindale (Adrenaline MMA) 1 fight
Anthony Guiterrez (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight

Angelo Murrillo (Riverside Submission)  fight
Johnathan Rubi (UFC South Corona) 1 fight 


Matthew Lordanchic (Team Quest) 1 fight
Xavier Cordero (Tony's MMA) 5 fights
Elijah Benavidez (Gracie Humaita) 8 fights 
Cross Betzhold (House of Moons/ Carnage) 4 fights 
Danny Beers (Riverside Submission) 5 fights
Marcos Chupin (ZMATA/Berkeley Muay Thai) 1 fight 
Andrew Clausen (99 Wildomar) 1 fight 
Angel Adriano (Fight Syndicate) 1 fight 

Kainoa "Isaih" Medina (No Body MMA) 4 fights
Colin Barclay (Marinobles MMA) 2 fights 

Edvin Sanchez (Fight Academy Pasadena) 13 fights
Jeremy Gaggos (Strength and Honor) 14 fights

Max Tucker (Elite Training Center) 1 fight
Devin Rodriguez (Fight Syndicate) 1 fight 
Roberto Castro (Castro MMA) 1 fight 
Oscar Aguilar (Systems Training Center) 1 fight

Joseph Martinez (Riverside Submission) 9 fights 
Christian Jench (Riverside Submission) 9 fights
Jonas Ryner (Kings Knights) 3 fights

Kris Arrey (Riverside Submission) 23 fights
Damian Espinoza (Adrenaline MMA) 8 Fights 
Chris Pedrajas (Grappler's Studio) 4 fights
Hayddon Hill (Team Quest) 10 fights
Ricardo Angulo (House of Moons/Carnage) 1 fight
Frank Garcia (Kihnon MMA) 1 fight

Justin Ramirez (Candal's MMA) 24 fights
Conor O'Sullivan (House of Moons/ Carnage) 2 fights

Sammy Mendoza (Adrenaline MMA) 14 fights
Anthony Bernardo (El Nino Training Center) 6 fights
Romero Lopez (Adrenaline MMA) 1 fight 
Kenneth Sells (1 on 1) 2 fights
Marcos Contereras (MMA Academy) 1 fight 
Cage Harlin (House of Moons) 1 fight 
Julian Lorenzana (9th Isle BJJ) 3 fights
Nathaniel Martindale (Adrenaline MMA) 1 fight

AJ "Alex" Lemos (Neutral Grounds) 19 fights
Jordan Chiappone (Adrenaline MMA) 1 fight
Ethan Reeves (Kihon MMA) 1 fight

Lucas Ponce (m3 Fight and Fitness) 0 fights

Cadet 14-15 yrs 

Caden Thiel (Grappler's Studio) 4 fights

Adrian Ledezma (Strength and Honor) 8 fights
Issac Agabin (9th Isle BJJ) 7 fights
Paul Rubio (Grapple's Studio) 11 fights
Trenton Pagaduan (Adrenaline MMA) 10 fights
Jo Jo "Jordan" Sorgman (House of Moons/ Carnage) 4 fights
Nico Crosnoe (MABJJ/ Hammerhead MMA) 2 fights
Noah Gomez (House of Moons/Carnage) 2 fights 
Justin Allred (Tillis BJJ) 1 fight

Shane Hoffman (House of Moons/ Carnage) 3 fights
Joaquin Adame (Alliance MMA) 4 fights

Korey Mendoza (Adrenaline MMA) 17 fights
Jose Mendoza (9th Isle BJJ) 3 fights
Pedro Sanchez (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight
Jacob Martinez (Strength and Honor) 3 fights
Max Samford (House of Moons/ Carange) 1 fight
Nick Viestra (99 Wildomar) 1 fight
Tim Misner (1 on 1 Fight Team) 2 fights

Johnny Garcia (Strength and Honor) 5 fights
Jerald Ulat (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight
Jaryd Bones (Grappler's Studio) 1 fight
Sebastian Albarran (CMMA) 1 fight
Jairo Hernandez (Predition MMA) 1 fight 
Valentino Esparza (Kings Knights) 1 fight
Joaquin Adame (Alliance Training Center) 1 fight

Dominic Fernandez (House of Moons/ Carnage MMA) 7 fights
Anthony Miranda (Adrenaline MMA) 3 fights
Michael Fear (House of Moons/ Carnage MMA) 3 fights 
Derek Reyfield (10th Planet HQ) 7 fights
Joseph Tik (American Striker MMA) 5 fights
Joey Haro (Adrenaline MMA) 7 fights

Ratka Garvey (Grappler's Studio) 3 fights
Eduardo Caro Jr (Alliance MMA) 2 fight
Mikey Davis (Grappler's Studio) 2 fights
Artashes Anmirkanyan (Glendale Fight Club) 1 fight
Nick Meshrow (Predition MMA) 1 fight
Austin Muschwitz (Team Quest) 2 fights

Tony "Jose" Cortez (Millennia MMA) 8 fights
Derek Rayfield (10th Planet HQ) 4 fights
Gary Kemdjian (Glendale Fight Club) 1 fight
Josh Farrales (Swiftkick Martial Arts) 1 fight
Cyrus Foster (Buffalo Black) 0 fights

Aresn Garabekyan (Glendale Fighting Club) 1 fight 
Kris Reyes (Strength and Honor) 4 fights


Israel Galvan (Peterson's Grapplers) 3 fights
Daymeond Molina (Millennia MMA) 12 fights
Zaden Cole (Kicks by Cole) 2 fights
Beau Snyder (House of Moon's/ Carnage MMA) 1 fight

Peyton Roseberry (Team Quest) 1 fight
Christian Rozpedski (Team Roz) 1 fight 

Josh Elder (House of Moon's/ Carnage MMA) 3 fights
Delfino Garcia (American Striker MMA) 2 fights  
Johnathan Arechiga (MMA Barn) 5 fights
Luis Moyotti (America Striker MMA) 1 fight
Anthony Maltman (Alliance MMA) 1 fight
Freddie Orozco (Alliance MMA) 1 fight
Rafael Garcia (Castro MMA) 1 fight
Freddy Orozco (Alliance MMA) 1 fight
Franklin Jones (Glendale MMA) 1 fight

Nickie Eustace (Grappler's Studio/ De La O) 13 fights
James Aguilar (Crosley Gracie BJJ) 6 fights
Kano Pamplona (Unattached) 1 fights
Eugene Provencio (Versus Fitness) 2 fight

Mathew Vasquez (Submission Factory) 2 fight
Patrick Garcia (Red Wolf) 3 fights
Aresn Garabekyan (Glendale Fight Club) 1 fight
Mike Green (Strength and Honor) 1 fight
Javier Alverado (Alliance MMA) 2 fights 
Donny Viestra (99 Wildomar) 1 fight
John Brumly (Team Quest) 1 fight
Ben Bonner (M3 Fight and Fitness) 1 fight
Beau Snyder (House of Moons/ Carnage MMA) 1 fight

Tihoti Tadeo (9th Isle BJJ) 1 fight



Christa Aquino (Alliance MMA) 3 fights
Regina Awana (Riverside Submission) 13 fights
Saelah Pescevic (Easton Training Center) 2 fights
Trinity Provost (House of Moons/ Carnage) 2 fights


Jessica Haro (Team 3 Checkmat) 8 fights
Analyse Rubio (Riverside Submission) 5 fights 
Alijah Pineda (A-Team) 5 fights
Litzy Ramirez (Kihon MMA) 2 fight

Cecila Rendon (MMA Academy) 1 fight 

Madilyn Anderson (The Pit North) 1 fight

Haylie Gumpfer (House of Moons/ Carnage) 3 fights
Maria Morales (MMA Academy) 1 fight 

Allyson Cheng (Riverside Submission 5 fights
Solana Mottola (Team Quest) 4 fights
Andrea Frisque (Kihon MMA) 1 fight 

Cadet Girls 


Crystal Taormina (A-Team) 4 fights
Kayleen Segovia (Alliance MMA) 6 fights
Shaniyah Carlson (Kihon MMA) 7 fights
Mayra Ruiz (Tomacelli Academy) 5 fights
Unity Cordova (10th Planet Corona) 3 fights
Analyse Rubio (Riverside Submission) 6 fights 
Onnalaya Aguillera (Classic Fight Team) 2 fights
Osmara Cadeno (MMA Academy) 1 fight 

Jayleen Martinez (Riverside Submission) 5 fights

Nahdia Barrientos (Undisputed) 3 fights
Trista Loftus (The Pit North) 5 fights
Brielle Enterline (American Striker MMA) 2 fights
Mariyah Casados (Team Quest) 3 fights 
Fatima Cortes (Llamas Competition Team) 1 fight
Jourdan Gumpfer (House of Moons/Carnage) 1 fight
Wendy Rodriguez (MMA Academy) 1 fight 

Junior Girls 

Kailyn Hansen (CSW) 4 fights
Jahnna Canevari (House of Moons/ Carange) 2 fight
Summer Limon (Strength and Honor) 1 fight

Natalie Vackova (Hanuman Gym) 1 fight

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