Our Mission

The United States Fight League is a 501 c 3 non-profit athletic organization that fosters and supports Youth and Military Pankration competitions.  While Pankration is the oldest Martial Art dating back to the ancient Olympics.  Modern Pankration is a comparable alternative for Mixed Martial Arts as it encompasses grappling and limited contact striking.  The rules we apply for our League emphasize technique and sportsmanship making this a safe sport, suitable for competitors of all ages from all styles of Martial Arts.

The primary emphasis of the USFL is to develop strong youth character from the rigorous competition. To execute this mission, we place emphasis on skills in discipline and self-defense. Pankration is split into three classes, Class A, Class B, and Class C, with rules expanded to the capabilities of each class. Since the USFL is a nonprofit, all funds donated are tax-deductible and managed by the Parental Advisory Committee.  Our leadership is comprised of Volunteers so outside of our minimal expenses to manage our online presence, nearly all of the funds collected as donations directly support youth athletes and teams.

For more info on our stewardship of this organization, you can review the Public Documents we make available.

Administrative Board

Jon Frank
Jon FrankPresident
Christina Taylor
Christina TaylorFinancial Advisor
Amanda Brown Tortorici
Amanda Brown TortoriciHealth & Safety
Dane McGuire
Dane McGuireMedia Relationships
Ana Eustace
Ana EustaceParental Advisory
Ayana Siplin Cruz
Ayana Siplin CruzYouth Crime Prevention & Criminal Reform
 Joe Stevenson
Joe StevensonSpecial Advisor
Mario Mendez
Mario MendezIn Memoriam

Special Advisory Committee

Randy Couture
Randy CoutureCommittee Member
Dan Henderson
Dan HendersonCommittee Member

Criminal Prevention Committee

Ruben Saldana
Ruben SaldanaCommittee Member
Melvin Farmer
Melvin FarmerCommittee Member

Parental Advisory Committee

Sandro Ramirez
Sandro RamirezCommittee Member West Region
Danielle Pazienza Green
Danielle Pazienza GreenCommittee Member Southeast Region
Jewlez Lee
Jewlez LeeCommittee Member Hawaiian Region