Your Financial Gift has Great Value to Our Community

Youth MMA competitionToday’s Youth need an outlet to redirect their negative behavior in a way that promotes self-control and confidence. Fight League is a non-profit organization within a community of Martial Arts Coaches & Officials who have witnessed first-hand the value Martial Arts have had on youth in their community. Your financial donation can help us…

  • Help extend our program to youth in need to improve their self-control and increase focus on individual growth.
  • Provide structured programs that teach greater respect for themselves and others.
  • Help them establish long-term benefits in their physical well-being.
  • Expand our program to communities with high youth crime rates.
  • Provide families in need with support to cover licensing fees and/or safety equipment to participate in our league.

If you wish to support our efforts in reaching youth in your community or other volunteer or financial donations, please use our CONTACT form to request for someone from our Administration Team to contact you.

Choose Specific Ways To Support Our Community


Support the National Team

The USFL holds an open selection tournament to select our national team that competes in the Youth MMA World Championships.  Those athletes who participate will need to pay their own expenses to participate.  Depending on the location those expenses could include lodging and travel to international locations.  Your donation helps reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for our Athletes and their families and provides youth athletes with an amazing opportunity to develop their skills in a safe environment.

$30 Donation

Lend a Helping Hand for a Coach or Official

All Adults who either Coach, Promote, or Officiate our events must complete a criminal background check and federally compliant Safe Sport training to ensure that the kids and parents in our league can feel confident in developing a relationship with adults who we believe are trustworthy and a good role model for their children. Your donation of $30 covers the license and merchant fee for one adult to acquire these qualifications to participate in our League.

$55 Donation

Gift League Participation Fee for a Youth Athlete

Licensing ensures participants have provided proof of age and medical clearance for competition. The license is also a method to communicate and provide required state and federal health and safety information to parents. Finally, the license is used to track competition results and the eligibility of participants.  Your donation of $55 covers the one-year, advance license and merchant fee for one youth athlete to participate in our League.

$100 Donation

Character Development Ring Sponsor

Our Character Development program is an individualized program that works with a youth athlete to accomplish specific goals.  Once they achieve their required goals, they are awarded a special “ring” that is recognized as a wearable trophy to identify their personal accomplishment and act as a daily reminder of their achievement.  Your donation of $100 covers our cost to provide to them the recognition that includes the ring presentation.

$250 Donation

Become an Equipment Angel for Youth in Low-Income Communities

To protect the youth who compete in our leagues, all athletes are required to wear proper safety equipment.  That includes specific close-fitting shirts and shorts, headgear, gloves, shinguards, a mouth guard, and a chest guard for girls or a groin guard for boys.  Your donation of $250 covers the cost for one athlete to obtain this safety equipment to participate in our League.

$750 Donation

Help Us Protect Our Digital Environment

Our website is the life-blood of our organization and something that requires continual maintenance and oversight to help ensure our data remains secure. While we have great suppliers that help us keep member data secure and minimize our risks from cyber attacks, we still have some costs related to managing our online presence. Your donation of $750 covers the cost for one year of web hosting, security, and maintenance for our organization to continue to operate a digital presence for the convenience of our members and community.


Clicking the Donate Button will direct you to an outside website. Our Merchant Provider, PayPal, will collect your personal information for payment. US Fight League does not receive credit card information and cannot be held responsible for transaction issues.