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USFL Coaches Guide

In US Fight League, a Coach is a person responsible for the direction, instruction, and training of a youth athlete to compete in a Pankration competition. Because they have a tremendous influence on a young athlete, we ask Coaches to uphold the honor and dignity of our profession by treating the athlete with the utmost respect at all times while fostering an environment of fun and respect for others. All Coaches are expected to be a Guardian for their Athletes and have high regard for their overall well-being by playing an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in our youth athletes.

Getting Started Checklist:

Coaches Code of Conduct

We Are Serious About This.  Take a Minute to Read & Digest.

USFL Coaches license and privileges can be revoked for violations

Specific Principles

All Coaches shall therefore resolve to conduct themselves with dignity as a member of the USFL by:

  • Upholding the honor and dignity of the profession.
  • Setting an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct in personal contact with athletes, sports officials, parents/guardians, spectators, and the public.
  • Taking an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.
  • Avoiding the use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with athletes.
  • Mastering the contest rules and teaching them to his or her team members.
  • Not seeking an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.
  • Exerting an influence to eliminate unsportsmanlike conduct by spectators or others and not to indulge in conduct that would incite competitors or spectators against the officials.
  • Respecting and supporting decisions by officials.
  • Meeting and exchanging cordial greetings with the opposing coach; setting the appropriate tone for the event before and after the competition.
  • Encouraging safe and practical competition practices, including but not limited to, reasonable weight management and discouragement of unnecessary weight cutting.

Prevention, Detection & Reporting of Child Abuse

  • Never create an unobserved One-on-One interaction with a youth athlete. This is the key preventive measure against sexual assaults and claims.
  • You are a mandatory reporter and must report suspicion of child abuse to 911 within 24hrs of occurrence and specifically ask if follow-up is required.
  • Complete criminal background check & all required safety training.


Coaches Training

MODULE 1 – Required 1st Year (Cost: $20 + $25.50)
(After 1st Year, Module 1 Training will alternate with Module 2 Training)

  • Criminal Background Check* (See Criminal Conviction Wavier)
  • Safety Training

*Certain Criminal Convictions of Violence may require a waiver to proceed with Licensing. See the Criminal Conviction Wavier for more information.

You may bypass Module 1 and utilize Module 2 for licensing if the following requirements are met:

  • Proof of Completed/Passed a Criminal Background check with the past year.
  • Provide a Certificate/ Documented proof of completion of one of the following within the past year:
    > Safe Sport Certificate
    > Mandatory Reporter Certificate
    > Abuse Prevention Certificate
    > Darkness to Light Certificate

Before bypassing Module 1 please Email Certificates/ Proof to

Note: a link to a complete Criminal Background Check and Abuse Prevention Systems Training will be emailed after registering and completing other requirements within the SportsEngine website. Please check your SPAM email if not seen within 24 hours of registering.

Proceed to SportsEngine for Module 1 Training

MODULE 2 – Required 2nd Year (Cost: $20)
(After 1st Year, Module 1 Training will alternate with Module 2 Training)

  • CDC Heads Up Concussion Course w/ Certificate (Takes 25 min)
  • USFL Online Training
  • USFL Code of Conduct
  • Online Concussion Course
  • Dehydration Training
Proceed to SportsEngine for Module 2 Training

Download Digital ID Card

Once your License and Training requirements are complete, you will be able to save your Digital ID Card to your phone using the SportsEngine App available for Android and Apple devices.  The following link on SportsEngine gives you more information on how to access this information.