Parent’s & Coach’s Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the tab below for the more frequently asked questions by our Parent and the Coach’s that participate in our league.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please use our CONTACT form to submit your inquiry.

1. How can I compete in a bout or tournament?

Our home page lists “Upcoming Events” which includes a contact number or email for the promoter/ matchmaker. You should register with them at your earliest convince to see if you can be paired up with an opponent of equal size, age, and experience. Tournaments are open enrollment with a sign-up link include with the event posting.  

2. Why do I need a license to compete in Pankration? 

Licensing ensures participants have provided proof of age and medical clearance for competition. The license is also a method to communicate and provide required state and federal health and safety information to parents. Finally, the license is used to track competition results and the eligibility of participants. 

3. Does the USFL promote actual competitions. 

Most promoters/ matchmakers are independent of the USFL but licensed to host and run events. The USFL appoints a lead official to oversee pairings, weight in’s, medicals, verify regulatory requirements and report results and injuries.  

4. What happens if my Coach does not obtain a Coach’s license? 

You may still be able to compete. Many Coaches in the USFL are willing to substitute and corner athletes without a Licensed Coach. However, athletes from teams without a Licensed Coach will be considered “unattached”, not earn team points, and have no ability to challenge the outcome of a bout. In many cases, a parent obtains a Coach’s License if they are lacking a licensed Coach from their own gym. If a non-authorized Coach or individual enters the completion area, the opposing athletes camp can petition for an automatic No-Contest to any decision rendered from the outcome of the bout.

1. I am already a professional MMA coach, do I still need to register as a coach with the USFL and complete the training and background check?

Yes, Federal and State statutes require additional safety and vetting requirements to coach youth athletics.

2. Can I still qualify as a Coach if I had a felony conviction?

Maybe, the Criminal Background check is primarily designed to restrict individuals with convictions for sex offenses and crimes against children as well as other crimes which may pose a threat to the health and safety of children. Understanding Combat Sports are often described as the sport of second chances, the USFL will consider waivers for individuals convicted of other potentially disqualifying crimes on a case by case basis.  

3. Is my Coach’s License valid in all areas of the country?

The USFL Coach and Athlete License is valid and required in every state and jurisdiction that has USFL Youth competitions. 

4. If I already completed a Background, Concussion, and SafeSport compliant training for another sport do I still have to do it for the USFL? 

We will make considerations on a case-by-case basis.  To be considered, the documentation you present must clearly state your name and the date the training was completed. 

5.  What exactly do I need to do to become a Licensed Coach?

  • Every Year: $20 Annual Coach License
  • First-year and every-other-year after:
    Module 1  Training (Cost $25.50) – Includes:

    • Criminal Background Check
    • Abbreviated Concussion course
    • Abuse Prevention Systems online course and certificate.
  • Second-year and every-other-year after:
    Module 2 Training
    (Cost: Free) Includes:

    • Online Coach Training – USFL rules, health and safety, and Abbreviated Safe Sport Training.
    • Online CDC Heads Up Concussion training and **Certificate